Reply Directly And Fast To A Message In WhatsApp

Reply Directly And Fast To A Message In WhatsAppWhatsApp regularly improves the popular messenger app. In the latest update, they added a shortcut that allows you to reply directly and fast to a message in WhatsApp. Especially group chats will benefit from this feature as you can respond to WhatsApp messages faster than before. Up until now, group members could get confused because it was difficult to sort answers to the related question. This shortcut solves exactly this problem and explains how to reply directly on WhatsApp.


If you want to use the trick on your iPhone, you need the WhatsApp version 2.17.30 or later. Install the new update by going into your “App Store” and tapping “Updates” at the bottom menu. If you need to update your version, it will show here.

Shortcut: Quote a message in WhatsApp

You would usually answer to a message by using the input field at the bottom. This is still the most convenient and fast way if you are chatting with one person. In a group chat or for a response to an older message, however, it is better to quote the certain message you are responding to.

The WhatsApp Swipe to reply shortcut makes this possible without copying the text manually: Swipe the respective message to the right and let go of it and reply fast to WhatsApp messages by quoting them.

Quote a message by swiping the message to the right and let go of it

It will open an input field that shows the message as a quote first. Now you can enter your response and send it as usual.

Directly reply to a quoted message in WhatsApp

As you can see in the screenshot below, everyone in the chat will see the quoted message on top of your reaction or answer. This way everyone or the person knows, to which message you responded.

Reply Directly And Fast To A Message In WhatsApp

Alternative: Quote a message in WhatsApp

The old way to quote a message and respond to it still works. Touch and hold a message until you see the menu. Choose “Reply” and it will quote the message as well. This method always existed.