WhatsApp: How To Solve Connection Problems

WhatsApp: How To Solve Connection ProblemsDo you know this problem: The connection to WhatsApp just doesn’t want to load and you are not getting any messages? This can have multiple reasons. Of course, we cannot tell you which problem you exactly have, but there are certain signs that will give you a clue, whether the deactivated mobile data is causing the issue or a blocked number, etc. We will show you in this article how you can solve WhatsApp connection problems on your iPhone.

Mobile Data deactivated

If your iPhone cannot connect to WhatsApp, the first thing you have to check should be the internet connection. So turn off the WiFi and mobile data and turn it back on. If there is no change, it could help to restart your iPhone and the router.

Do connection problems only occur when you are outside? Then your mobile data settings could be the reason.

Mobile data has to be turned on for WhatsApp

Open the Settings and go to Mobile Data or Cellular. The slide button should be green (active) for WhatsApp, otherwise, you will not be able to send or receive messages on the go.

Messages cannot be sent

You have sent a message to one of your WhatsApp contacts. After a while, you are wondering why the person isn’t responding. Besides the connection problems, it could also have another reason: The contact blocked you.

No notifications

If you are awaiting a notification for a WhatsApp message, but your iPhone isn’t showing it, it is probably caused by the wrong iPhone settings. You can check them by opening the WhatsApp settings. Go to notifications and the slide button should be green for Show Notifications. Depending on which notifications, you want to get, you can decide here, which ones you activate.

Activate notifications for messages in WhatsApp settings

Cell service provider blocks WhatsApp

If you can connect to other apps with the WiFi, but not WhatsApp, it could be that your cell service provider configured the Wireless Access Points (APN) in a way, that certain applications are blocked. In this case, you have to directly contact your cell service provider and ask, what you have to change in the access point settings in order to use chat applications. Then you will get instructions how you can manually configure your mobile data and web settings.

If the problem remains, it very likely is a problem with the WhatsApp server.

Want to send a message even though yor connection is bad? Try sending an offline WhatsApp message, just follow the instructions in our article.