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AirPod Alternatives – Wireless In-Ear Headphones

No wires, no limits! Are you sick of headphone cords or are you looking for an affordable alternative to Apple’s AirPods? Then get some completely wireless In-ear headphones. They will provide you the most mobility without the annoying cord and are perfect for everyday tasks as well as your fitness routine. Check out our AirPods alternatives.

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Zolo Liberty True Wireless

The Zolo Liberty True Wireless InEars guarantee great sound and a very stable Bluetooth connection. These InEars are perfect for real music enthusiasts who focus more on sound quality than cost. The innovative sound design results in clear treble and the additional sound-tight seal enhances a deep bass. Ultra fast pairing is achieved through the Fast and Go technology and ensures a simple setup.

When in use constantly the batteries last for up to 3,5 hours says the manufacturer, but other customers say the last even up to 4,5 hours. Another great aspect is theexceptionally stable Bluetooth connection, which is especially great while training or running errands.

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Vava Moov 20

The In-ear headphones Moov 20 by Vava are completely wireless and fit into every ear, thanks to the patented gel earbuds. In order to survive sweaty workouts, the earbuds have a nano-coating. They also fit well during intense workouts and don’t slip out. The In-ear headphones have additional buttons so that you can conveniently control the volume, music, and calls from the earbud. The balanced EQ settings of the Vava Moov 20 provide a perfect sound for bass and trebles.

The manufacturer indicates a battery life of 2 hours. Depending on the intensity of use, the battery can even make it up to 3 hours. Although the charging process is very fast, the short life definitely is a big flaw. In addition, the headphones have a little delay in the audio tracks. Therefore, they are not suitable for watching videos. If you are just listening to music, it will be fine, though.

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Samsung Gear IconX

The wireless In-ear headphones Samsung Gear IconX are the most expensive in our article. The ergonomic fit of the earbuds provides an optimal fit. They have an integrated Fitness Tracker with voice output, which can optimize the wearer’s workout. The IconX is equipped with an internal storage of 4GB that can save up to 1000 songs. This way the wearer always has the music on the go. Samsung originally designed the headphones as sport headphones, that’s why they have a Fitness Tracker.

According to Samsung, the battery life is only 1.5 hours and this was proven in practice. Therefore, even the battery life is designed for sports and the short time is not a surprise considering the many features of the tiny gadget. The IconX offers numerous additional functions, but you still have to answer calls on the phone and the sound is only average.

These In-ears are perfect for everyone, who doesn’t want to take many things to the gym. The IconX can track your workout without the smartphone and can recite the workout information via voice output. However, if you want to answer calls, you should have your smartphone with you.

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Syllable D900 Mini

The D900 Mini by Syllable are the cheapest headphones in this article. They support Bluetooth 4.1 technology and have a range of about 30ft. They come with different sizes of earbuds in order to provide the best fit possible. The In-ear headphones are coated so that they are sweat resistant as well as water resistant. The Syllable D9000 Mini also come with a box to transport and charge the headphones.

The manufacturer names a battery life of 10 hours in one cycle, but this gets reduced to about two hours with intense use – absolutely ok for a typical day in the gym, not so great for a long bus ride. The sound quality matches the price so music- and more specifically bass-lovers should invest in a different model.

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