iPhone Signal Booster Trick

iPhone Signal Booster TrickAre you struggling with your iPhone signal strength? Try our nifty little iPhone signal booster trick, it might just fix your reception issues and improve the strength of your iPhone signal temporarily. Apple does a great job when it comes to the antennae in their smartphones, but some tricky areas can and will lead to dropped calls. Check out our little tutorial on the iPhone signal booster trick everyone should know.

To this day, there isn’t really a working iPhone signal booster app. Don’t fall victim to preposterous marketing claims, Apple does not allow developers to mess with the hardware functionality of an iPhone to an extent that would allow signal strength modifications. But there is a built-in feature we can exploit to achieve a better signal on iPhone. Here’s how to do it.

Use “Airplane Mode” as a signal booster

What “Airplane Mode” does, is effectively switching off all of the wireless features on your iPhone or iPad. This feature was conceived to comply with airline regulations, in order to not cause any interference with the equipment aboard the plane.

The part that makes this feature interesting for achieving a better GSM signal, is that your iPhone goes through a set of procedures when re-enabling all of the radios upon disabling “Airplane Mode”. These procedures can improve the quality of your cell signal, often times to a dramatic extent. So to benefit from this little trick, we’ll simply switch the “AirPlane Mode” on our iPhone on, then off (after a few seconds).

Settings → activate Airplane Mode → wait 3s → deactivate Ariplane Mode

how to toggle airplane mode on iPhone

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By briefly toggling this switch, your iPhone will go back to looking for the best cell tower in your vicinity and reset all of its connections for a short period of time. This will leave you with a stronger, better signal in many cases.