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How To Hide Inappropriate Comments On Instagram

Instagram is supposed to be a secure place, where everyone can express himself or herself. Unfortunately, more and more users turn away from the social photo platform because of inappropriate comments. Instagram reacted to this behavior and introduced the feature of blocking inappropriate comments and filtering spam.

Filter Comments on Instagram

In order to use the filter, open the settings menu in the Instagram app (the little wheel on your profile). Scroll down and tap “Comments”. Now you can activate the option “Hide Inappropriate Comments” by tapping the slide button. In future, Instagram will hide these comments right away so that you won’t see them anymore.
In the area “Custom Keywords”, you can add keywords that lead to an automatic blocking.

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The spam filter blocks comments in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, French, German, Russian, Japanese and Chinese. The filter is supported by machine learning so that it recognizes offensive comments and spam before you even see them. The tool learns independent and is supposed to become more precise prospectively.