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WhatsApp: How To Recall Messages

Users of the popular messenger service WhatsApp have been waiting for this feature for a long time: Recalling and deleting messages that have been sent already so that the chat partner cannot read the message! Let’s be honest – every one of us has sent an embarrassing message before and regretted it. WhatsApp already announced this feature weeks ago, and we want to show you how to use it.

Using the recall feature for WhatsApp messages

The feature is not yet available in the current version of WhatsApp, but it will work like this:

In order to use the feature, the chat partners have to use the same WhatsApp version.

The recall feature can be used within 5min after sending the message. To recall a sent message, tap and hold the message until the black menu opens. Then choose Recall from the menu.

Note that the contact cannot read the message anymore. However, the person will see a note that says “The message has been recalled.”. It’s still not clear when the feature finally will be introduced.

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