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Share Instagram Live Videos In Stories

Instagram finally added a long overdue feature with the version 10.26. Live Videos can now be shared into the Instagram Stories. They only used to be visible during live recording. This way you can provide your followers access to your Live video clips, which can be up to 60min long.

Share Live Videos in Instagram

If you want to share your Live Video with your friends afterward, you have to tap “Share” on the screen. The repeat will be automatically added to your Instagram Stories and will be accessible for 24 hours. If you want that the Live Video disappears after the Live Performance as usual, you have to tap the slide button and hit “Remove”.

Then you can find the playback button for the Live Video in the Stories bar below the profile image. Tap the button to watch the video and see all comments and likes from the original Live Video. The number of views includes all views from the Live Video and the repeat video in the Instagram Stories.