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iPhone 8 Concept Video & iOS 11 Preview

Various iPhone 8 mockups have been flooding the internet for months now, ensuring that there is enough to talk about concerning apples next big thing. Some of those blueprints are based on actual rumors on the new iPhone 8 whilst others are simply a product of their creators imagination. As always, no one knows what features apples new flagship model will have to offer until its release in September. That’s why we took our time to create our own version of the upcoming iPhone 8. Watch our iPhone 8 concept video below to see what the new iPhone might look like and which mind-blowing functions it might feature.

iPhone 8 infographic

Our iPhone 8 infographic lists the most exciting features displayed in the concept video above. Just tap on the picture below to show the chart in its full size and download it to your device.

Edge-to-edge OLED display

For the first time, the new iPhone 8 offers an OLED display for richer colours, better contrast and an even higher resolution. With its new edge-to-edge screen, you will experience videos and photos more intensely and without any distracting elements above and below the screen.

Digital Home button

Bye bye good old Home button – the new and full-on virtual Home button is now integrated beneath the display and appears as soon as you approach the screen with your finger. If you want to unlock the iPhone via Touch ID, the button flashes up green if your fingerprint is recognised. If it’s denied, it lights up red.


The iPhone 8 – as we imagine it – allows you to use two different apps at the same time in a new split view mode. Just swipe over an incoming notification while using another app and the screen will split up allowing you to operate both apps simultaneously without having to switch between them. Switching back and forth between different apps is no longer necessary.

Share Battery

The new and revolutionary Share Battery-feature on the iPhone 8 enables you to share or receive battery power by simply holding the device towards another iPhone. Just enable the Share Battery-feature in the Settings app and transfer battery power on the go without the need for a charging device.

New Notifications on the lock screen

Notifications on the lock screen now show the sender‘s profile picture as well as the app icon of the respective app. Identify incoming notifications even quicker and see who is sending you a message at a glance.

Alarm on the lock screen

You can now set the alarm right from the lockscreen. Just swipe over the time display and set the alarm to your desired time with one click.

Extended iPhone dock

The iPhone dock at the bottom of the screen offers you quick access to your most important apps. With a simple swipe you can now extend the icon dock with four additional apps.

New Weather App

iOS 11 brings new life to Apple’s weather app. Large background images point out the location you are currently viewing. The new overview displays weather information concerning your saved locations more vividly.

iPhone 8 infographic – Download

In our iPhone 8 infographic we show you the most important functions and features displayed in our iPhone 8 mockup video at one glance.