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Recover Lost Photos Or Videos On iPhones

You know for sure that you have taken a certain photo or recorded a video last week, but now you cannot find it anymore. No worries, this doesn’t mean that it is gone forever. You can try to recover lost photos or videos with our tricks! Just go step by step through this little guide.

Check the folder “Recently Deleted“

Since iOS 8, photos and videos that were deleted (erroneously) are not completely removed from your iPhone. Instead, your iPhone keeps them in a folder for 30 days at a minimum before they will be completely deleted automatically. Read more…

Photos > Albums > Recently Deleted

To check if you deleted a photo by mistake, open the Photos app on your iPhone and go to your Albums at the bottom right. Then select the Recently Deleted.

Tap on a photo to open it. If you want to recover it, you have to tap Recover at the bottom right.

Unhide photos

Besides the recently deleted photos and videos, it could happen that you hid them. They are not completely deleted or invisible, but they are hidden at certain places. Read more…

Photos > Albums > Hidden

You can recover hidden photos easily. Open the Photos app on your iPhone, click the Albums tab and select Hidden.

If you cannot find this album, this is not the reason for the disappearance of your photo or video you are looking for. In this case, you can continue with the next trick.

Tap a photo or video to open it. Then click the Share icon at the bottom and choose Unhide from the bottom row. Now your photo or video will be visible again in all your folders.

iCloud Photo Library – Check the settings

If you are using the iCloud Photo Library to keep your media synced on all your devices, it can happen that photos or videos get lost because of the wrong settings.

Settings > Photos & Camera

Open the Settings on your iPhone, go to Photos & Camera, and make sure that the iCloud Photo Library is enabled. Check this on all your devices, on which some photos and videos are not displayed.

After you enabled the iCloud Photo Library, you should connect to the Wi-Fi and check after a few minutes, if photos and videos are displayed again.

You should also check if you are using the same Apple ID for the iCloud on all your devices. You can verify this by going into the Settings and clicking your name on top. Then check the Apple ID that is currently in use.