Dangerous Life Hacks – These Tricks Will Wreck Your iPhone!

Dangerous Life Hacks – These Tricks Will Wreck Your iPhone!The internet is full of tips and tricks about improving the iPhone usage in everyday life. We collected some of these life hacks in another article. Whereas these practical solutions are simplifying your life with a smartphone, there are also exceptions that can damage your iPhone or even wreck it completely. We show you the life hacks that you should be aware of!

Drilling open the jack

Did you get an iPhone 7 and want back the classy 3.5mm headphones jack that is a thing of the past now? Some time ago, a video went viral, which showed a way to bring back the jack socket to the iPhone 7 with a few manual skills. The jack is still there – that’s at least the opinion of the video maker. Only a 3.5mm drill can open up the access again. This is, of course, nonsense and only ends in a total damage of your iPhone 7. To show you how you definitely do not get back the jack, watch the video below.

iOS update makes iPhone waterproof

Thanks to the IP67 standard, the iPhone 7 is waterproof at least for a certain amount of time. This hasn’t always been the standard though and the desire for waterproof iPhones goes a long way back. Some years ago, a fake Apple info graphic led people believe that iPhones will be waterproof after the iOS 7 update. How can a software update protect the iPhone against water intrusion? You only need a minimum of technical knowledge to understand that this is a prank. Unfortunately, some (less technophilic) iPhone users sent their iPhones on a dive, though. The consequence: Immediate total loss. This tweet shows the reaction of a gullible user about his broken iPhone:


You can see a part of the manipulated ad below. A tap on the image opens the whole graphic. You should always be warned with such images, unless they are officially from Apple. Mostly these graphics are made to inspire your imagination or to prank other iPhone users.

Dangerous Life Hacks – These Tricks Will Wreck Your iPhone!

Fake Apple info graphic (Source: imgur.com)

Charging iPhones in microwaves

Some time ago, a fake image with the Apple design went viral on Twitter. It convinced some iPhone owners to charge their smartphone in the microwave. Although it sounds pretty cool, it turned those iPhones into expensive paperweights. After an iOS 8 update, the “Wave” feature was supposed to charge iPhones wirelessly by using the microwave frequencies. You probably can imagine the outcome for those fans of the “new charging technology”. The same advice applies here: Don’t naively trust all assertions online, it doesn’t matter how authentic they seem to be.

Wave feature - Dangerous Life Hacks – These Tricks Will Wreck Your iPhone!

False Apple campaign advertises the “Wave“ feature (source: independent.co.uk)