How To Set iPhone The Video Quality For Mobile Data Use And Wi-Fi

Everyone is online nowadays. However, our mobile data volume is hardly ever enough. We waste most of our data volume by watching videos. It could all be easier if we were able to set the video quality individually on our iPhone. We show you how!

It is possible to set the playback quality distinguishing whether having a steady Wi-Fi connection or using mobile data. This way you can easily save data volume when being on the way. Please note this only relates to Apple’s pre-installed video app. You will have to set the video quality in the respective app if you use other services such as YouTube.

Set video quality for mobile data use

Open the Settings app on your iPhone and scroll down to the “Videos” option. You now have the possibility┬áto choose your desired playback quality. We recommend setting the playback quality when using mobile data to “Good” to save data volume. Because of the lower resolution, you will also benefit from shorter loading times while watching a video. Of course, you should set the playback quality when having Wi-Fi access on “Best Available” as it does not affect your data volume.