iPhone X – How To Go Into Sleep Mode Faster

iPhone X faster sleep modeWith iPhone X the Side button takes over most of the functions of the former Home button. The Side button still puts the iPhone X display in sleep mode but it can also be used for other shortcuts to speed up handling. Using the Side button for more than one function also has its’ drawbacks as the Side or Lock button can react delayed. We will show you how your iPhone X goes to sleep mode faster.

After hitting the Side button on your iPhone X you experience a slight delay in the screen shutting off? The most probable cause is a double assignment of the Side or Lock button. If you activated shortcuts for the Side button the display may have a delayed reaction caused by the double assignment. To speed up the process just deactivate the shortcuts.

Deactivate shortscuts and shut off screen faster

Settings → General → Accessability → Accessability Shortcut

If you activated Accessability Shortcuts by accident you can deactivate those in the Settings. Just go to General, Accessability and then Accessability Shortcut. If you see a certain Shortcut is activted just tap to deactivate the shortcut.


Now your iPhone X should go into sleep mode faster.