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Enhance Youtube video quality on iPhone

Usually the YouTube app defines the quality of the YouTube video you are watching and in many cases you could watch it in even better quality. But with a few easy steps, you can change the video quality in your YouTube app. Our tutorial explains how to enhance the quality of your YouTube videos.

Adjust quality in YouTube videos

YouTube → 3 dots → Quality

If you feel the quality of the YouTube video you are watching is too low, Here is how to enhance your YouTube video quality:

Firs, start watching a YouTube video and tap on the video. Now you should see a menu including three dots at the top right of the screen…

… and tap on the option “Quality”.

Now you can choose the resolution for the YouTube video you are watching. The scale starts at 144p and goes up to 1080p, which is full HD for your YouTube videos.

A lower resolution is great when traveling and watching videos on the go as high resolution videos need more data while watching, but when you are at home this is not something you need.