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How to Instantly Clear iPhone RAM Memory

how-to-speed-up-an-iPhone-by-clearing-the-ramWho wants a slow and choppy iPhone, right? Here’s a guide on how to tune your iPhone, or in other words, how make your iPhone run faster by clearing the so-called RAM. By emptying the random access memory (RAM), we can restore performance after degradation has occurred. If you need further information on how to speed up your device, check out this detailed guide with our top 10 tricks on how to fix a slow iPhone.

Prerequisites: This guide works with any type of iPhone or iOS device such as the Apple iPad, iPod touch and so on. As far as we know, it should also work on any version of iOS.

How to clear RAM on the iPhone

It only takes around 10 seconds but gives noticeable results: Clearing the RAM on your iPhone is much easier than previously thought. You only need a secret button combination.

To begin, please unlock your iPhone so you can see the Home Screen or any open app. Then press and hold the Sleep / Wake Button (aka Power Button) until you see the shutdown slider. Don’t slide it “to power off”. It should look like this:

Let go of the Sleep / Wake Button immediately. Now press and hold the Home Button until you get thrown back to your Home Screen. This will take a couple of seconds. That’s it! You have successfully cleared the RAM on your iPhone.

If you don’t get any kind of notification or confirmation message, don’t worry. There isn’t any, as this is a secret feature that is not listed in the regular iPhone manual. You can however verify that your RAM has been cleared by opening any app from your app switcher, it will have to reload its content. This signifies that the RAM was indeed wiped clean and your performance should increase a little bit.

iOS does a great job in terms of memory management

While this method certainly works, we do not recommend using it constantly. The reason for that is found in the efficiency of iOS, which does so-called “memory management” really well. This means that it decides whichever apps should fit in your RAM, which background processes should continue running and what should be put into sleep or deep sleep.

The method detailed above is useful nonetheless, as you can use it to fix acute performance issues and start with a blank slate without having to fully reset your iPhone.