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How to Close Apps on iPhone

Here’s a guide on how to close apps on iPhone. Why would you want to close an app, you might ask? Well, there are multiple good reasons to do so. Some apps tend to crash when you first install and launch them and subsequent launches yield the same results. They just open and close again immediately. This is called buggy behavior and can often be fixed by fully closing the misbehaving iPhone app.

Another reason to close an app: Navigation apps. After arriving at your destination with a locked device, the last thing you want to go through is to re-open the app, find the button that stops the nav and directions and return to your Home Screen. You could of course go the long route, but it is often far more comfortable to just quit the app.

In general, app problems are often solved by closing the app in question or fully rebooting your iPhone. Thus it is a good idea to know how to close apps, just to be able to do it when the time comes.

How to close an app on iPhone

2x Home Button > Swipe upwards

On older versions of iOS (6.4 and below), you could close apps by holding and pressing their icons in the multitasking app switcher. A red cross would appear, similar to how you uninstall apps these days.

The modern method for iOS 7, iOS 8 and iOS 9 is rather similar, but bears a small difference. Instead of having to press and hold the apps in your task switcher, you can close them using a gesture.

But first off, open up your app switcher. This is accomplished by quickly double-pressing the Home Button. You should now see an overview of your last used apps. Scroll until you find the app instance you would like to “kill” and swipe up on the app preview showing the last activity. See this image for reference: