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How to Use Bold, Italic and Strikethrough Text on WhatsApp

A silent update brought some new functionality to the popular WhatsApp messenger without being mentioned in the change log: You can now add bold, italic and strikethrough formatting to your text in WhatsApp. By using a simple trick, we can format the text in our messages quite easily and add some extra emphasis, hence communicate more effectively. Here’s a tutorial on how to add bold, italic or strikethrough text to your messages in WhatsApp.

Prerequisites: You’ll need the latest version of WhatsApp to follow along with this guide, or at least use the 2.12.17 build of WhatsApp by updating it through the App Store app.

How to format text in WhatsApp

Open the WhatsApp application on your iPhone, then start a chat with one of your contacts. To format any of the text inside your message, use one of the special characters from the list below to add emphasis to one word or even a sequence of multiple words.

  • Add bold text by surrounding it with the * (star) symbol.
    Example: “Make sure to *bring the tickets*.”
  • Add italic text by surrounding it with the _ (underline) symbol.
    Example: “It is _not really_ necessary to print all of the pages.”
  • Add strikethrough text by surrounding it with the ~ (tilde) symbol.
    Example: “Your cooking skills are ~quite impeccable~ absolutely horrible.”

Hint: Learn how to type special characters and punctuation symbols more quickly on the iOS keyboard. Read More…

The message window will not display a preview of these shorthand notations for the different formatting. Simply send off your message and you’ll see that it applies the formatting to the final result. Keep in mind that users which aren’t on the latest version of WhatsApp will only see the special characters instead of the formatting.

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