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Apple Student Discount: How to Take Advantage

Here’s a guide on how to take advantage of the Apple Student Discount and the overall educational discount Apple offers. The student discount does not only apply to students at universities, but also allows employees of educational institutions to purchase Apple’s products at a reduced price. Check out our overview on what to need to know with respect to Apple’s EDU discounts.

Prerequisites for getting Apple’s student discount

Apple is pretty generous when it comes to the scope of who is considered a pupil or student and entitled to the academic discount. Every employee of an academic institution is also included, such as teachers, professors, speakers and non-academic employees of such institutions. If you work for a school or university, chances are you can claim the benefits.

By the way, this also goes for the parents shopping for students.

Apple Education Store

If you think that you are qualified to claim the discount, check out the following link:

Depending upon your country, you might have to visit your regional Apple website to view the education store.

Your institution may have its own purchase program (Apple on Campus)

Keep in mind that when working for an academic institution, there might already be a purchasing program in place that is specific to your institution and perhaps even offers better terms than the academic pricing for individuals as seen in the link above.

You can search for your school or university at this link and also sign into its own store right here:

Taking advantage of student discounts

Inside the individual education stores, different prices become quite apparent. Simply place the object of your desire in the shopping basket and shop as you normally would. Keep in mind that the selection of products may be limited to a certain selection.

Getting Apple Music cheaper as a student

You can also get the Apple Music streaming service for less if you are currently enrolled in a university. This 50% off bonus is available in the US, UK, Germany, Denmark, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. The individual monthly price will vary according to your region, but all of the mentioned countries get 50% off.

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