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YouTube Downloader App For iPhone – Download YouTube Videos Easily

Considering the Copyrights of videos on YouTube it is not really difficult to download videos from YouTube. In the meanwhile YouTube has blocked certain browser plugins, which made it easy to download videos. Even in the App Store are no official apps that enable YouTube video downloads to your iPhone. However, we have a detour for you, that makes it possible!

Get “Documents 5“

For this trick you will need a free app, which is called Documents 5 by Readdle. Search for it in the App Store and download it to your iPhone.

Copy YouTube link to clipboard

The first step is to copy the YouTube link to your clipboard. If you are using the official YouTube app, you just need to tap the Share button and then Copy link. If you are using Safari, you can just copy the URL from the address field.

Download YouTube video

Now open Documents 5 on your iPhone. Tap the little browser icon (little compass) in the right bottom corner to open the integrated browser of this app.

Then enter the following URL in the address field: Then tap Go on the keyboard.

The next step is copying the YouTube link from the clipboard into the text field on Click into the field to activate the keyboard. Tap again to get the option “Paste” and click the action to insert the URL.

Before you tap Download, you can choose the quality of the video. In the next window, you can change the file name. Click Done to start the download.

Depending on the video size and your internet connection, it can take a while to fully download the video. If you want to monitor the progress, you can tap the download icon in the right bottom corner.

Move YouTube video to Photos app

After the download is finished, go back to the main window of the app and choose the Downloads folder. There should be – as long as you have not changed the storage path before – the downloaded YouTube video. You can click Edit at the right top corner and then mark the video by tapping it. Choose Move at the bottom.

You can navigate to the Documents view by tapping the back-arrow. Then choose Photos from the list.

Depending on the size of the folder, it can take a few seconds to load the Photos library. Once you see the content of the Photos folder, you just have to tap Move at the right top corner. Now the video has been moved from Downloads to the Photos app.

Open the Photos app and go into the Albums view. Choose All Photos. At the very bottom you will find the recently downloaded YouTube video, that you can watch normally now and you can of course share it with your friends.

“Documents 5“ in App Store

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