Charging iPhone Battery With Solar Energy: Testing Products by Goal Zero

Charging iPhone Battery With Solar Energy: Testing Products by Goal ZeroIf you like to be outdoors in your leisure time, you may not want to go without your iPhone. However, it will probably be dead, when you need it the most while hiking, climbing or camping. This should be a problem of the past with the solar and battery products by Goal Zero. We tested the Nomad 7 Plus Solar Panel and the Venture 30 Power Bank.

Goal Zero Nomad 7 Plus Solar Panel: Sun energy for the iPhone

The Nomad 7 Plus is a solar panel that can charge smartphones, batteries and other USB-operated devices. And it works like this: The panel collects the energy of the sun in the solar module and either saves it to the connected power bank like the Venture 30 by Goal Zero or it directly charges the iPhone.

The Nomad 7 Plus makes a very good first impression and is a high-quality product. Thanks to the slim design and a low weight (around 500g / 1lb), the solar panel fits in every trekking pack and can be taken on every trip. The assembly of the device is carefully thought through.  You can attach an included stand to the panel magnetically so that you can place the solar panels at a 45-degree angle to the sun. The stand is a bag at the same time, where you can keep adapter, smartphones and other devices. You will also get two carabiners with the Nomad 7 Plus. This enables you, for example, to attach it to the backpack.

Charging iPhone Battery With Solar Energy: Testing Products by Goal Zero

In the panel are monocrystalline solar cells that can charge small devices with 7 Watt. It recognizes charging interruptions after a voltage drop because of sudden clouds and automatically provides the appropriate charging voltage of the USB device to prevent a surge. The four LEDs on the junction box indicate the current solar power. The more lamps shine, the more electricity you have.

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Goal Zero Venture 30: The robust power bank for on the go

The energy produced by the Nomad can be collected with the Goal Zero Venture 30 and, for example, used during nights. The power bank is completely designed for the usage outdoors and has a robust rubber protection. It is classified with IPX6 so that it is weatherproof and shockproof. There is a microUSB cord around the edges, which seals both external ports at the same time. The cord enables to either charge the power bank or other connected devices.

Charging iPhone Battery With Solar Energy: Testing Products by Goal Zero

The Venture 30 can be charged by the solar panel or directly from a socket and can charge two devices with up to 2.3A on both USB ports. The charging time of the 7800mAh battery takes 8 to 16 hours with the Nomad 7 Plus and 4 hours on the socket. If possible, charge the Venture 30 before you go on the trip. This way you have a plan B in case the weather isn’t good enough to charge the power bank.

A handy feature of the power bank is the clever charging sequence. It supposed to help to optimize and to adjust the USB output power. The power bank tests the parameters of the charging device while charging and automatically chooses the fastest charging mode. Battery level and charging speed is indicated with 5 blue LED lamps. The faster they are flashing, the quicker Venture 30 charges.

At the same spot, there are 5 white LEDs for a flashlight. They can be as bright as 65 Lumen and give different levels of brightness. You can decide how bright the flashlight should be.

Charging iPhone Battery With Solar Energy: Testing Products by Goal Zero


The Goal Zero Nomad 7 Plus and Venture 30 are designed for going on every outdoor adventure. If you often are outside, you will have fun with both gadgets. Scratches, dust or water don’t matter for the Nomad and Venture. The only disadvantage is the high price, although it is reasonable considering the high quality of the products. It also would pay out, if you are outside very often.

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