3 Cheap Action Cam Alternatives To GoPro

3 Cheap Action Cam Alternatives To GoProThe GoPro cameras are considered as the “holy grail” among the action cameras. However, not everyone can or wants to afford the expensive sports camera. In the meantime, there are many high-quality alternatives on the market that are cheaper and are almost as good as the top dog. We present you two competitor models and tell you the strength and weaknesses of each.

Apeman Action Camera

The Apeman action camera records videos in 4K. The camera provides a resolution of 20 megapixels that takes photos and videos at a 170-degree angle. The image quality is satisfying but not phenomenal – not comparable with the expensive GoPro.

Apeman Action Can - alternative to the GoPro

Thanks to the integrated Wi-Fi function, you can transfer your recordings to your iPhone or tablet via an app. The camera features include, for example, single shots, timer shots, and loop recordings. The battery is 1050mAh large and needs to charge for three hours. According to the manufacturer, the recording time is around 120min for 1080p. However, some customers reported that they could only record for 40min.

Besides the different mounts and mounting kits, there is a waterproof case included in the package. You can dive up to 60ft deep with the case.


  • 4K videos
  • Waterproof for up to 60ft depth
  • Wi-Fi function
  • Large scope of supply


  • Weak battery
  • Average image quality

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Victure Action Cam

The cheapest camera in our comparison is the action cam by Victure. It records videos and photos with the 12-megapixels camera in Full HD and also has a waterproof case that allows dives to 60ft depth. The package includes 25 pieces for recordings on a bike and motorbike, as well as while skiing, diving or swimming.

Victure Action Can - alternative to the GoPro

Considering the low price, this Chinese GoPro clone makes some legit photos and videos, even in motion. However, if you are watching the videos on a big screen, they look pale and coarse. The sound is okay for the price class. The battery is 1050mAh large and is exchangeable.


  • Cheap
  • Full HD videos
  • Exchangeable battery
  • Legit photo and video quality


  • No Wi-Fi function
  • Pale and coarse images on large screens

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