iPhone Hands-Free Systems For Cars

iPhone Hands-Free Systems For CarsHands are supposed to be on the steering wheel while driving and not on the iPhone. Therefore, it is always good to install a hands-free system for the car so that we cannot get distracted by the smartphone. It connects to the iPhone via Bluetooth and works like a speech reproduction for incoming and outgoing calls. We compared the four most popular hands-free systems for you.

Mpow Bluetooth hands-free car kit

The Bluetooth hands-free car kit by Mpow is one of Amazons best sellers. The gadget has a practical round receiver that can be mounted almost everywhere in the car because of its 37-inch long cable. The multi-function button can take calls and control the playback. The noise isolator is especially practical because it suppresses humming noises.

Mpow hands-free car kit for iPhone

In contrast to other hands-free systems, you can connect two smartphones simultaneously. This allows listening to music while you never miss a call again. A disadvantage is that there are connection errors every now and then.


  • Long cable
  • Can be firmly mounted
  • Noise isolator
  • Pairing of 2 smartphones


  • Connection errors
  • No display

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SuperTooth Buddy Speakerphone Car Kit

The SuperTooth Buddy has a mount for the sun shield of the car like many other hands-free systems. This gadget also has a noise isolation that serves for a clear conversation quality with the enhanced soft microphone.

SuperTooth Buddy Speakerphone Car Kit

The integrated battery lasts for around 20 hours with calls and 1000 hours in standby mode. It can be charged via the included micro USB cable.


  • Portable
  • Long battery life
  • Noise isolation
  • Enhanced soft microphone


  • No display

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Nulaxy hands-free system

In comparison to the other hands-free systems, the Nulaxy is powered by the car battery and has an integrated display. It shows the battery voltage level, as well as the phone numbers of the incoming calls and the name of the song in case you are playing music from a USB flash drive.

Nulaxy hands-free system for iPhone

The tiny screen is connected to the car charging port via a flexible arm so that you can change the position of the Nulaxy as you wish. The integrated USB port can be helpful if you want to charge your iPhone on the way.

However, the fluctuating voice quality is a disadvantage. Depending on the noise level in the car, the quality can be good or bad.


  • Integrated display
  • Integrated car charger
  • USB port to charge an iPhone


  • Fluctuating voice quality

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Jabra Freeway Speakerphone

The gadget by Jabra is the priciest in our comparison. It can be mounted on the sun shield with a clip and is way bigger than the other products. The speakerphone is equipped with three speakers and a dual microphone with noise cancellation, which provides a good voice quality.

The integrated battery lasts up to 14 hours with calls and 40 days in standby. Therefore, it has the best battery life in our comparison.


  • Multiple built-in speakers
  • Dual microphone with noise cancellation
  • Good voice quality
  • Long battery life


  • Expensive

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