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iOS 10 “Leak”: TextEdit App on iPhone?

Check out the following screenshot from Apple’s WWDC 2016 opening keynote. The actual topic was tesselation in the Unreal Engine via Apple’s “Metal” graphics API. But during the demo, we noticed an interesting detail: TextEdit was present in the form of an iOS app, even bearing its own icon. is actually an app that should be known to most Mac users, as it comes pre-installed with Mac OS X. What does this little leak mean? see its debut in the form of a port on iOS 10, hence making the transition to iDevices such as the iPhone or iPad?

Our colleagues at MacRumors also noticed this detail during Apple’s graphics demo and took the screenshot above. While TextEdit is not a full-blown writing app, you can use it for rudimentary text editing with rich text formatting, or use it to work with config files, property lists (.plist files) and the like. It might just be a special developer tool that is only supplied to Apple’s dearest devs. only for test purposes?

Perhaps Apple is only using the app for test purposes, such as demoing the latest features of its “Swift” programming language. It might just be an internal project that is not meant for end-users. This would not come as a surprise, as Apple is known for using all kinds of internal apps for training purposes.

In terms of alternatives to the eventually not appearing TextEdit on iOS, we can recommend Apple’s very own Pages app, which comes for free with any of the new iOS or Mac OS X devices.

Developing on iOS is another topic. A full-blown IDE (integrated development environment) might not be available yet, but Apple is preparing the Swift Playgrounds app for release this fall. The app will enable young and old students to discover the fundamentals of programming in Swift on the iPad in a playful manner.