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How to Use Instagram Questions in your Instagram Story

Maybe you have already seen the Instagram questions feature for your Instagram Story. The questions sticker allows you to get in touch with your followers and find out, what they think about your account, what they would like to see in the future or what they are doing on every given day. We explain how to use the questions feature in your Instagram Story.

Add questions sticker to Story in Instagram

In addition to GIF stickers, music stickers, locations and many other stickers you can now use the Instagram questions sticker to spice up your Instagram Story. Using the questions feature in your Insta Story you get to ask your followers questions about anything you’d like to know. The questions sticker is intended to get to know you followers and Instagram fanbase better through interaction.

To add questions sticker to your Instagram Story go to your profile and tap your profile picture in the Stories tab at the top of your screen. Now take a picture or select one from your camera roll. Then tap the stickers symbol and select the questions sticker from the list.

Now you can type your question to your Instagram follwers and customize the question by choosing a colour for the sticker.

Now you can alter and customize the look of your Instagram Story by adding other features, changing the size of the question sticker or changing the colour again. Whichever look you like best!

The list with the replies to your question sticker will appear in the bottom left of your screen like the list of people who watched your Instagram Story. To answer Instagram questions tap the reply and add a new image to your Story and add your reply there, so your answer appears in the right context. The new image in the story doesn’t show who asked the questions so your followers will remain anonymous to the other followers, except you explicitly tag the person.

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