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How to Send a Broadcast Message on WhatsApp

A WhatsApp Broadcast Message is similar to a blind carbon copy (BCC) in email. You can use it on occasions that don’t exactly warrant a group and don’t require communication within a WhatsApp group. The message will reach all recipients as if you had sent it to them individually, thus concealing the identities of the other contacts involved.

WhatsApp Broadcast Messages are great for informing your a large group of colleagues of important business news, or announcing that you are moving to a select group of friends that will reply with their availability. Or perhaps you are advertising your new services to existing clients, which would be rather awkward in a group conversation. So instead of copying and pasting the same text over and over, you can write it once and send it to a predefined “Broadcast List”. This is a tutorial on how to create a WhatsApp Broadcast List so you can send a Broadcast Message to multiple contacts, similar to a BCC.

Requirements for WhatsApp Broadcast Messages

All of the contacts involved need to be using WhatsApp, of course. But it is just as important that they are in possession of your phone number and that it is stored in their address book (or “Contacts” app). This is there for the sole reason of protecting WhatsApp users from spam, otherwise advertisers could just bombard you with messages all day.

How to create a Broadcast List and send a WhatsApp Broadcast Message

WhatsApp > Chats > Broadcast List

Open up your “WhatsApp” application on your iPhone. Tap the “Chats” tab and go to “Broadcast Lists” in the top left corner of the screen. Tap “New List” to create a new Broadcast List.

Add new contacts to the list by either typing the first couple of letters of their name, or tap the plus sign and select them from your WhatsApp contact list. Finally tap “Create” and you are done. WhatsApp will take you to a regular chat screen that lists the names of the involved contacts at the top. Send a Broadcast Message to try out your newly created list.

How to view, edit and delete WhatsApp Broadcast Lists

Again, open up the “WhatsApp” application on your iPhone. Tap the “Chats” tab and go to “Broadcast Lists”. This screen lists all of your currently active Broadcast Lists. To delete a list, simply swipe its name to the left. This will open up the context menu and you can then confirm the deletion of your Broadcast List.

To edit an existing Broadcast List, tap the blue “i” symbol next to it. You can then add a name to your list or add and remove recipients. Tap the “Edit list…” button to edit the membership status of contacts on your list.