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How to Forward a WhatsApp Message

This is a tutorial on how to forward a WhatsApp message to another contact. Just like with emails, you can forward individual ingoing or outgoing WhatsApp messages to other people. This comes in handy when planning a meeting or organizing an event without the use of group messaging. Instead of copying and pasting a WhatsApp message, you can also forward it to a specified contact with ease. Here’s how to go about it.

Forwarding WhatsApp messages to other contacts:

WhatsApp > tap and hold message > Forward

To forward a WhatsApp message, you of course first have to have both the app and the message open. Now tap and hold the message bubble to bring up the context menu. Four options are presented, namely “Info”, “Copy”, “Delete” and “Forward”. Select the last of the four.

Next up, WhatsApp will bring up a selection screen. If you have any additional messages you would like to send to another contact, you may tap their respective selection icon to their left. When finished, simply tap the arrow symbol at the bottom left of the screen to select the recipient from the list of your contacts.

You will still have the opportunity to change parts of the message within the text field. Note that WhatsApp doesn’t flag or specify the message as having been forwarded, thus it may be appropriate to do so yourself, depending on the message and situation.

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