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CTRL+F on iPhone: How to “find on page”

When you are browsing the web at your desktop or laptop computer and want to find a specific part of the text, you press CTRL + F on the keyboard, or Command + F on a Mac to quickly locate a word or phrase on the page. But how do you CTRL + F on iPhone? Apple included a “find on page” feature but didn’t quite introduce it to all of the users.

All you need for this tutorial is a web page, your trusty Safari browser and an iPhone. You will be amazed at how easy and useful this trick is, once you know its secret.

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How to “find on page” on iPhone

Naturally, there is no Control Key or Command Key on your iPhone. It is quite simple, really.

Launch Safari on your iPhone. Open up your web page containing a wall of text to be searched. Now enter your search term right where you entered the web address and scroll down to the bottom of the list.

At the top, you should find grouped hits from your browser history (if available), a regular web search, your bookmarks and so on. But at the bottom, you should see a special kind of search result labeled On This Page.

Tap it to get to the list of results on the current web page. To advance through multiple occurrences of your search term on the page, tap the arrow symbols next to the counter that displays the number of matches. Your iPhone will emphasize the matches using a yellow highlighter color.

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