Whatsapp Double Check Marks / Ticks Explanation

Whatsapp Double Check Marks / Ticks ExplanationAlmost every Western smartphone user has used or is using WhatsApp as his favorite messenger at the moment. But not everyone knows what those double check marks or ticks actually mean. Here’s an explanation for the different kinds of check mark symbols that you see in WhatsApp.

Essentially, we are dealing with three different states. One gray check mark, two gray check marks and finally two blue check marks. What do the different WhatsApp “ticks” mean? Is it the same for everyone, or do certain settings influence what happens on each device?

The different types of check marks in WhatsApp

  • Single gray check mark: Your message was successfully sent to your WhatsApp contact and is currently pending for delivery. It has not reached its final destination yet, but your app was able to contact the WhatsApp servers, thus your iPhone is connected to the (mobile) internet.
  • Double gray check marks: Your message was delivered successfully and your contact will probably read it within the next hour or so, depending on his or her usage patterns. Check the “last seen today” time for an estimate on when your contact might be returning. If he or she was “last seen” within the last couple of hours, your message will probably be read pretty soon.
  • Double blue check marks: The message was read by the other party. Note that this will never be displayed with contacts that disabled their read receipts. In that case, all you will see is the double gray tick.

Message is stuck at single gray check mark

Possible explanations for always seeing only a single green check mark or tick in a WhatsApp chat with a contact of yours:

  • You have been blocked by the contact.
  • Your contact does not appear to have an internet connection enabled right now.
  • WhatsApp was uninstalled or disabled by your contact.
  • Your contact’s phone is currently off.