How to Disable WhatsApp Blue Check Marks (Read Receipts)

How to Turn off Read Receipts in WhatsAppThe dreaded WhatsApp blue check marks: First of all, the two check marks show, if a message has been opened, usually this implies that the message has been read. One check mark means that your message was successfully sent out to the WhatsApp servers. Another checkmark and you know that your message reached its’ destination. Once both of those check marks turn blue, you’ll know that the other party has read your text or viewed your image or video.

How to disable blue check marks in WhatsApp

WhatsApp → Settings → Account → Privacy → Read Receipts

Following a few privacy updates, WhatsApp enabled users to choose, if they want so turn read receipts off or leave them on. To disable read receipts, select the “Settings” section at the bottom of the WhatsApp application menu. Go to “Account”, then “Privacy” and finally turn off the toggle marked “Read receipts”.
Once you turned read receipts off, your contacts will not see, when you opened the message. Of course you yoursel will also no longer receive any read receipts. There are exceptions however, group conversations still carry read receipts that can be checked inthe Info-menu.

WhatsApp Turn off Read Receipt

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