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How to Hide Apps on iPhone

Easier said than done: Hiding apps on iPhone. So far there is no official method for hiding an app from your Home Screen, but you can always hide apps in a folder on your Home Screen. This works on iPhone 5, iPhone 6 up to iPhone X, as long as it is running on at least iOS 10.

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Hide Apps in a folder on your Home Screen

The iPhone comes with a bunch of Apple-made utility apps you seldom use and do not need on your Home Screen. The easiest way to hide these apps is in a folder on page 2 or 3 of your Home Screen.
Just tap and hold the app you want to hide until it starts to wiggle. Then move it over another app you want to hide to create a folder or move it to the previously created folder.
Fill the folder with all of the apps you want to hide. Then tap and hold the entire folder and move it to the last page of your Home Screen. This works on every iPhone generation up to hiding apps on iPhone X.
If you do not want people to see the apps at all, fill the folder with more apps, so the hidden apps move to page 2 of the folder.

For example to hide Snapchat or hide WhatsApp on iPhone just move the app to a folder and add your other social media apps to the same folder so Snapchat or WhatsApp move to page 2 of your folder. This way the app will no longer be visible at first glance and you can still use it.


Delete Apps from Home Screen

Note: This trick only works with iOS 9. If you found a way to hide apps under iOS 11 just email us!

Since the iOS 9 update there is an unofficial trick that it hides the kind of app that you are pretty sure you’ll never use. Quite ideal for all of those awkward Apple-made utility apps we wish would just be optional.

Did you know that since iOS 10 you can delete iPhone default apps? Learn how to remove default apps from iPhone here.

To hide an app on iPhone, we have to take advantage of a software bug in iOS that has been there for a while, albeit in different variations. The newest version of this method works on iOS 8 and might even work to hide apps on iOS 9, we’ve yet to come across the final version of Apple’s new operating system for the iPhone.

Pleasefollow the below steps very carefully and in the presented order, otherwise the trick will not work at all. You will require a bit of dexterity. Not on the level of a true magician, but let’s say, apprentice sorcerer stuff. Keep your top hat nearby, just in case.

  1. Fill one of your Home Screens with apps, excluding the app you want to hide. Place the app you want to hide somewhere next to the full Home Screen.
  2. Tap and hold the app you want to hide until all of your apps start wiggling.
  3. Drag the app onto an icon on your full Home Screen. You might have to drag it to the border of the destination Home Screen to get it to scroll where you want it to be. Now, make iOS believe that you want to create a new folder by hovering the app icon over one of the “full Home Screen” icons. Don’t let go of the app just yet.
  4. Drag it down towards the dock and out of the folder. Now let go. Just drop it in your dock. The app icon should now disappear.

If it worked, you should be feeling as proud as Harry Houdini’s assistant. If not, simply try again, but start at the beginning of the tutorial. This technique may take a few tries to perfect. Once you get the hang of it, hiding an app will get easier and easier.

Find hidden Apps

To access the hidden app, either ask Siri to launch it for you or use the Spotlight search field.

Need to unhide the app? Revert the changes? Fully reboot your iPhone to make the app icon reappear. We have yet to hear of any harm that came to an iPhone app after applying this method, but your results may vary. We recommend creating a backup before indulging in any experiments. That is all there is to this trick!