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How to Turn Off Voice Mail on Your iPhone

This is a guide on how to disable voicemail on iPhone. You may also know this feature by the name of mailbox, voice message or voice bank. Voice mail systems store audio messages left by your unanswered calls and may or may not cause additional costs when in use or when listening to the individual recordings. Most people these days use instant messaging or email to reach their contacts when they don’t answer the phone. Retrieving voicemail on iPhone can be a hassle, especially if you hadn’t planned on using the feature in the first place. So let’s turn iPhone voicemail off, shall we?

How to disable voicemail on your iPhone

Open up your “Phone” app and select the number pad or “Keypad” icon at the bottom. Now enter the following sequence and start a call by tapping the receiver icon with the green background (don’t worry, it won’t actually call anyone but rather confirm the setting): ##002#

You should see three text messages on a dark gray background pop up, each concerning a part of the voicemail feature. They are titled “Voice Call Forwarding”, “Data Call Forwarding” and “Fax Call Forwarding”. Tap “Dismiss” when done.

Be aware: To re-enable voicemail, consult the your respective carrier’s documentation or manual.

Now you have deactivated voicemail on iPhone, but you can still customize a few settings. Just read on to find out more.

Customizing individual forwarding features

There is also the option to target individual settings with regards to call forwarding on your iPhone.

  • Typing in ##62# will disable forwarding in cases of no signal, or when you’ve shut down your iPhone entirely
  • Typing in ##61# will switch off delayed forwarding
  • Typing in ##67# will disable forwarding on a busy line (when you’re currently on the phone)
  • And finally, to disable forwarding globally, type in ##21# and confirm with the green call button, as with any of the other options.

These special codes work in any region and should give you the power to fully customize your voicemail/mailbox on iPhone. Unfortunately, there is no user-friendly alternative to this slightly awkward method, at least for the moment. But it works!

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