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How To Disable or Block Caller ID Number On Your iPhone

This guide will show you how to block caller ID on iPhone. Some calls require that extra bit of privacy, you might not want to have your number displayed on the receiving end. Caller ID blocking is a quick and easy way to ensure that the other involved party does not see your number during outgoing calls.

Caller ID block on iPhone: all calls

Settings → Phone → Show My Caller ID

Here’s how to block caller ID on iPhone for all conversations: Firstly, open up the “Settings” app and head over to the “Phone” section of the menu. Upon scrolling down a little bit, you will see the “Show My Caller ID” option. Tapping the button leads you to the final settings page that allows toggling the feature on and off. As long as the toggle is inactive, the transmission of your caller ID is disabled. As soon as you switch it on, your contacts will again be able to identify you as the caller.

Caller ID block on iPhone: current call

Phone → Keypad → Add code to phone number

You can also block your caller ID on a call-by-call basis. Special “GSM” codes and other types of codes allow you to override the caller ID feature temporarily. This option is as easy as entering a phone number into your iPhone dialer! Open up your “Phone” app and tap the “Keypad” tab within. Now use one of the following codes as a prefix to the number you would like to call. Simply put the code in front of your contact’s phone number.

How to block caller ID: these codes work

  • #31# (works on any GSM phones including the iPhone, international)
  • *67 (works in the USA and Canada)
  • 141 (works in the UK and Ireland)

The disadvantage of this method: You will have to input the number manually for this one call. Copying the contact’s number from your address book will make this easier. If you want to block the caller ID regularly, consider disabling the toggle as outlined above.