How to Adjust The Exposure in iPhone Camera App

iPhone Camera App: How to Change Exposure / BrightnessMost of the time, the iPhone’s “Camera” app will correctly estimate the amount of light that is needed to turn a snapshot into a great photo. But there are certain exceptions. Difficult lighting conditions can stump the smartest of cameras, it is no different with Apple’s products. Thankfully, it’s the photographer and not the camera who makes for a great photo. Thus you can and should intervene from time to time and tell your iPhone whether the current scene is way too dark or way too bright. Here’s a tutorial on how to change iPhone camera brightness settings.

Change exposure settings on iPhone

First of all, you will need to launch your “Camera” app via the Home Screen, Control Center or Lock Screen to adjust the camera brightness settings on iPhone. Use whichever method you prefer. Then point your iPhone camera at the subject to check the iPhone camera lighting.

We also offer a few tips on how to take better photos under bad light conditions here and a 101 on iPhone photography.

Adjust focus on iPhone

Tap the area on the screen that you would like to focus. A small yellow rectangle and a sun icon will appear. This tells us that we can now adjust the exposure. Drag your finger either up or down to adjust the final brightness of your image. Shoot when ready.

change exposure on iPhone camera

This method has a number of advantages over editing your images later on. You’ll get a live impression on what the photo will look like when finished, there won’t be a lot of compression artifacts and not a lot of reasons to edit the photo later on. Adjusting the iPhone camera exposure settings before taking the picture saves time and energy you would have to spend on editing later.