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WhatsApp Favorite Messages – How to star Messages, Photos & Videos

This guide shows you how to save WhatsApp messages, pictures and videos as favorites and never lose another important text again! Especially if you’re a heavy duty WhatsApp user, finding old and important messages or received photos is quite a challenge due to the sheer amount of communication. “Starring” important items using the new “Starred Messages” feature allows you to archive them in a separate list or chat history. This method works with text messages, images and videos alike.

WhatsApp favorites for texts, photos and videos

Make sure to update your WhatsApp client to the latest version on your iPhone for this guide to work. You will need version 2.12.7 and up. It is always a great idea to keep WhatsApp up to date for performance and security purposes.

How to save a text, photo or video as one of your favorite WhatsApp messages

Open up the “WhatsApp” application on your iPhone. Go into one of your chat windows with any of your contacts. Tap and hold either one of your messages, or one of your contact to bring up the context menu. Then select the star icon from the black toolbar. This will save the message/photo/video as one of your favorites. Repeat the process to undo the star.

Tap the name of your contact at the very top of the chat window to get to the contact detail page. Then select “Starred Messages” to see a list of your favorite messages with this contact. The list is in inverse chronological order with the newest entries at the top of the list.

By the way, you can also scroll up all the way in your contact list and enter search terms to look for important messages. Starred messages will turn up in a bold and prominent way right at the top of the list, which allows you to effortlessly scan them with a quick look.

“Starred Messages” in WhatsApp are a great way to keep your chat history organized and easily reviewable with regards to the more important messages. If you know you’ll need to retrieve the info from one of your messages, give it a star! You will be texting like a pro in no time.

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