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How to Disable Automatic Time Zones on iPhone

Having your iPhone determine your current time zone is pretty handy, at least if you travel a lot. The rest of us is probably fine with setting the time on your iPhone manually instead of automatically, and taking care of adjustments such as daylight saving time. Apple has a history of running into trouble with these kinds of transitions, so why risk it? In addition, your battery life might actually benefit from disabling time-sensing altogether and setting your time zone plus the time and date manually. Here’s a guide on how to accomplish just that.

How to disable automatic time zones and synchronized dates on iPhone

Settings > General > Date & Time > Set Automatically

Simply open up your “Settings” app, go to “General”, then “Date & Time” and finally disable the option labeled “Set Automatically” to fully disable time-sensing. Tap the “Time Zone” field to pick the appropriate time zone for your location. Use the blue buttons below to enter the current date and time. We recommend looking up an atomic clock on the web and using it as a guide.

Note that you will have to always take care of setting the internal clock of your iPhone when disabling this feature. Setting an incorrect time or date can cause trouble with certain apps or purchases in the iTunes App Store.

Disabling this feature during the annual clock change will keep any unwelcome surprises at bay and give you the full control over your alarms.

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