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Hiding Apps on iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

For some reason, Apple chose not to allow users to hide apps on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. You can stow away unwanted apps in folders or put them aside on a page of your Home Screen you rarely access, but there is no stock way of hiding Apple’s default apps or other apps that are bothering you. But there are unofficial and hazard-free methods for doing so, fortunately. Here’s how to hide any app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch using a clever little trick.

Prerequisites: In order to benefit from this trick, you will need to have iOS 9 or newer installed on your device. We make use of a bug that is present in iOS 9.2 and it is unclear whether older versions of iOS work with the trick.

Hiding apps / making apps invisible on the iPhone

Hiding unwanted apps

While most of Apple’s apps are great, there are a few practically useless stock apps that either have a very small usership or better alternatives on the App Store. Many users want to hide the “Stocks” app, the “Health” app or Apple “Wallet”.

But you can also use our trick below to hide third-party apps while keeping them accessible through means that only you know. This comes in handy when you need to hide an app for reasons of personal privacy, but still access the app from time to time and not uninstall it.

Hide apps in iOS 9 using a simple trick

First of all, you will need to create a folder containing all of the apps you would like to hide, or use an existing folder. Give it any name you like. Make sure that any apps that are to be hidden are placed within the folder on your Home Screen.

Now press and hold one of the app icons to go into wiggle or edit mode. Now drag one of the apps onto the next empty page of the folder. Drop it as soon as you reach the page, then pick it back up immediately.

Drag it once more to the right, which will reveal another blank page. Keep holding the icon and press the Home Button using your other hand and the app will simply disappear. It should now be hidden from the folder and your Home Screen.

You should still be able to locate the app by conducting a Spotlight Search and it should still open up without issues.


You need quite a bit of dexterity for this trick to work. It is quite possible that it will need to be practiced and tried a few times, before you are actually successful with it. Take a few minutes of practice and patience and you will succeed, promise.

There is another way of hiding apps that works similarly, check out our other article for more information on the alternative option.

Some of the default apps in iOS can be hidden using the native restrictions, which are actually meant for locking down your device to protect it from unattended use by children or unauthorized users. Read more…

How to undo hiding apps on iPhone

To unhide your apps, simply reboot your iPhone. Need help with that? Check out our guide on safely rebooting your iPhone using a simple button combination.