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Hidden Messages on Facebook – Where to Find Them

Facebook Messenger offers push notifications so that you won’t miss any important messages by your contacts. You may have noticed that not all messages reach you, why is that? There’s a hidden section in your Facebook Messenger app that stores all of the stuff you don’t see. Here’s how to view filtered messages in Facebook Messenger that might end up in your spam filter.

Facebook Messenger: How to view filtered/hidden messages

Messenger → Me → People → Message Requests

Open up your Facebook Messenger app and tap Me in the bottom icon bar.

Then select “People” in your profile and tap “Message Requests”.

Accept and decline message requests in Facebook Messenger

You are now on the “Requests” page of the app. This page lists messages received from people who are not on your contact list, but might possibly be actual contacts to you and trying to reach you. The messages listed here will reach you through regular means and push notifications or on the Facebook website. You can read these messages without sending a read receipt to the author by tapping them.

Once you tap the message in question, you will be shown public information about the sender and the possibility to “Accept” the message request. If you do not know the sender or do not wish to communicate with him or her, simply tap “Ignore” instead.

Accepting and declining filtered message requests

Apart from these messages, there are also the filtered items which you can view by tapping “See filtered requests”.

These message requests come from contacts who might be spammers or scammers, according to Facebook’s algorithms and their reputation. From time to time however, message requests that are completely legitimate might end up here. For this reason it is sensible to check the list every once in a while if you are expecting important communication.

The list works exactly as above, simply select one of the messages and either Accept or Decline the message requests as you see fit.

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