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How to “Delete” the Apple Watch App on iPhone Homescreen

Since iOS 8.2, Apple has been including an Apple Watch app which you can’t simply uninstall or hide by any usual means. Instead, we have to resort to special tricks which we outline in this guide. After completing our brief tutorial, you will know how to “delete” the Apple Watch app on your iPhone or iPad. Seasoned iOS veterans might recognize this trick, as it is similar to hiding other default apps on iPhone.

How to delete Apple Watch app on iPhone

As mentioned in the introduction, it isn’t quite possible to actually delete any of the default apps that come with your iPhone. We can however utilize bugs to temporarily rid ourselves from the sight of an offending app icon. To remove the Apple Watch app, we’ll make use of a nifty technique that involves dexterity and timing.

To move apps, press and hold one of your app icons on the Home Screen. They should now be jiggling around.

Place the Apple Watch app on the second page of your Home Screen, also make sure that the first page is full. Making the app disappear using the dock is best achieved by placing the Apple Watch app in a folder on the first page, then dragging and dropping the app onto your (full) dock at the bottom of the screen. It should simply disappear, if done correctly. Otherwise, simply try again until it disappears.

This fix works until your device is rebooted. You may repeat the procedure as needed. By the way: The above method should work for any stock Apple apps that cannot be removed by other means. To reverse hiding the Apple Watch app, simply fully restart your iPhone and it should return.

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