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How to Duplicate Photos & Copy Photos on iPhone

Were you ever in need of a duplicate in Apple’s Photos app? Cloning your images and creating carbon copies helps with editing, as you can keep the original safely stored while opening a copy in your favorite image editing app, without the fear of losing the unchanged file. Here’s a tutorial on how to to duplicate photos & copy photos on iPhone.

How to duplicate or copy a photo in the “Photos” app on iPhone

Open up the Photos app on your iPhone and tap the image in question. Then tap the Share button at the bottom left to bring up the sharing sheet.

Duplicating a photo

The lower row of icons in the sharing sheet should contain a Duplicate option. Tap it to create a 1:1 copy of your currently selected image, which will be stored right next to the original. The resolution stays the same, as well as the quality of the photo. Note that this doubles the storage requirement for the image. You can now edit, crop, distort and filter the copy all you like, because the original will stay unchanged and ready for use in your Photos app.

Copying a photo for later pasting

To copy a photo for insertion in another app, such as Pages or Notes or even a third-party email or chat client, we will also go to the respective image in your Photos app and select the Share button. Then tap Copy to place a full copy of the image in your clipboard.

Navigate to the destination app, the one where you’d like to paste the contents of this photo, then tap and hold the screen and select Paste from the context menu. The photo is then placed at the cursor position in your currently opened file. The image will stay in your clipboard until you decide to cut or copy some other content, such as text or another image.

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