Why Does My iPhone Get Hot? How to fix iPhone Overheating!

iPhone Overheating: What to Do When Your iPhone Gets Too HotThe summer can take a toll on your devices, what are you supposed to do when your iPhone gets too hot? Depending upon the temperature, your iPhone may even quit working temporarily and will need to cool off before you can use it again. This fail-safe mechanism is there to protect the hardware from permanent failure due to overheating. If your iPhone is overheating a lot and the hot summer weather is to blame for it, check out our following guide on how to protect your iPhone from heat failure.

Protecting your iPhone from overheating

iPhones are supposed to operate in a temperature range of 0-35 degrees Celsius (32 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit) and may be stored while switched off in a range from -20 to 45 degrees Celsius (-4 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit).

The following hints and tricks should help you keep your iPhone cool and operable in hot weather and extreme temperature conditions.

Give your iPhone a minute to rest

When noticing a temperature increase on the back of your device during usage in warm weather, try to set the iPhone aside for a few minutes and switch off the display. You might even want to shut it down entirely so it has a chance to recover. The metal casing generally does a pretty good job of dissipating excess heat in a relatively short amount of time.

Never leave your iPhone exposed to the sun

Especially when left unattended under the windshield of your car, your iPhone can actually turn into a dangerous device due to the battery overheating. Never leave it exposed to the sun and take it with you, rather than leaving it in the car. The temperature range experienced in a parked car may well exceed the aforementioned temperature limits.

Try to use your iPhone in the shade and avoid longer periods of direct sun exposure whenever possible.

Use your iPhone in Low Power Mode

One thing you can do to aid the thermal throttling that is already happening automatically in iOS, is to restrict the processor frequency and other features to a bare minimum by enabling the so-called Low Power Mode. Do not tax the hardware with graphically intense games or GPS navigation when the weather presents extreme heat.

Charge indoors

Charge your iPhone in a cool spot that is located indoors, as the charger also generates plenty of heat at normal room temperatures. While charging, the iPhone tends to generate a bit of heat, especially when used while charging.

First aid for an overheated iPhone

Give your iPhone a chance to recover when you see the following warning screen. It indicates that the hardware has been mostly shut down to protect itself, although emergency calls are still possible in this mode. Attempting to restart the iPhone at this stage is futile. You will have to wait it out.

iPhone 5s: Temperature Cool Down

Should you encounter the warning screen, bring your iPhone to a cool place, preferably indoors and air-conditioned, then let it rest until it recovers by itself and goes out of the temperature warning mode. Once it reaches a safe temperature threshold, this will happen automatically. Do not attempt to charge your overheated device.