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Turn Off Or Change the Time Period Of The Auto-lock On Your iPhone

Whenever you are not using your iPhone for a while, the sleep mode will turn on automatically to save the battery. However, it sometimes occurs that you do not want this to happen. In situations like cooking: When you need the recipe opened up in Safari, ready to read, and you do not want to unlock your iPhone with greasy fingers every 3 min, you would like to stop the Auto-lock. Don’t worry, there is an option to deactivate the Auto-lock, or to increase the time period before your iPhone turns on the sleep mode.

How to deactivate the Auto-lock or change the time period

Settings → Display & Brightness → Auto-lock

Go to your Settings to deactivate the automatic sleep mode or to change the time period of the Auto-lock.

Choose the category “Display & Brightness” and go to “Auto-lock”.

Here you can adjust the time period that has to run down until your iPhone turns on the sleep mode, or you can deactivate the Auto-lock completely.

You can choose from time periods of 30 seconds to five minutes.

If you choose “Never”, the Auto-lock will be deactivated.

Tip: We suggest that you only use the option “Never” only temporarily. If you forget to manually lock your iPhone, the battery will drain quickly. Hence, remember to change back the settings to a time period!


How to deactivate the Auto-lock or change the time period in iOS 9

The procedure is a bit different for the people, who have not updated their iPhone to iOS 10 yet and still use iOS 9.

Go to your Settings and choose “General”.

Scroll down to “Auto-lock” to deactivate this feature or change the time period.