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3D Touch – Open App Notifications Of Folders Faster

iOS 10 came with numerous new Quick Actions for users of later iPhone models that support 3D Touch. At this point we want to show you how you can access the app notifications faster, when the app is organized in a folder.


Like we said you will need a 3D Touch capable iPhone. That means an iPhone 6s or later. In addition you have to use iOS 10 or later, because these shortcuts do not exist in the earlier versions.

Open app notifications of folders faster

To clarify what we are talking about in this article: If an app sends a push notification, you can see this directly on every app icon or folder on your Home Screen. The number in the corner indicates the unread notifications – for example: New emails, messages, notifications of social media apps etc.

If the apps with new notifications are organized in a folder, you will also see the number on the folder. According to the amount of apps in this folder, it can be difficult to find the app with the new notification quickly. Since iOS 10 it is easier though!

Use the pressure-sensitive display of your iPhone and press firmly the icon of a folder with notifications.

It will appear a Quick Action menu that only shows the app(s) that has unread notifications. Tap the app to open.

The Quick Action menu of folders also offers a shortcut to rename the folder.