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How To Use The iPhone 7 Drop Wallpapers As Live Photos

Every iPhone generation is traditionally promoted by Apple with own Wallpapers. Unfortunately some of them do not make it into the official iOS version. The iPhone 7 got assigned colored drops that would be perfect as Wallpaper, but they did not make it into iOS 10. The new Beta version contains these “Drop Wallpapers” though and we do not want to deprive you of it. In addition we will show you how you can set up the “Drop Wallpaper” as an animated Live Photo on your Lock Screen.

iPhone 7: Use Drop Wallpapers as Stills

Below we will provide the links to the original “Drop Wallpapers” that are included in iOS 10.2 Beta 1. These are unanimated stills.
The following link directs to the colleagues of “9to5Mac” who have extracted the Wallpapers from the Beta version. The ZIP archive contains the drops in the colors blue, red and yellow.

iPhone 7 Drop Wallpaper (download from 9to5Mac)

iPhone 7: Use Drop Wallpapers as Live Photos

But shouldn‘t the drop pictures be animated? Apple marketing shows them as animated Live Photos. In iOS 10.2 they are not though, but here applies the slogan again: There’s an app for everything. The free app “Black Lite – Live Wallpapers” solves this little problem. Download this app to use the “Drop Wallpapers” as animated Live Photos.

Open “Black Lite” on your iPhone and you will see an overview of multiple drops. Four of these are included in the free basic version. Choose one Wallpaper to see the preview.

Then click the “Save” icon at the bottom and confirm that the app can access your photos.

The Wallpaper should be in your Photos app. There you tap the Wallpaper and tap the “Share” icon at the bottom left corner. In the lower icon row you choose “Use as Wallpaper”. As it is a Live Photo it should be assigned as such already. Tap “Set” and choose “Lock Screen”.

On the Lock Screen you can now use 3D Touch (pressing firmly on the display) to see the drop moving.

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