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How to Use Siri for Toggles (Bluetooth / WiFi / etc)

Did you know that Siri can also be used for iOS toggles? Sir can control your iPhone hardware and enable or disable certain features like “Do Not Disturb”-Mode for you. All you need to do, is to ask her using the right phrase. This guide lists ways you can use siri for toggling Bluetooth, Airplane Mode and other features.

Since Siri was introduced every iOS Update improved Siris features and the virtual assistant got smarter and smarter.Siri can do much more than, say, tell jokes. Although we recommend you asking her for one at least once.

Activate Siri

Settings → Siri & Search → Press Home for Siri/Listen for “Hey Siri”

Siri is enabled by default and serves as your personal assistant on iPhone and iPad. You can invoke her by long-pressing the Home Button on your device, or by saying the activation phrase “Hey Siri!” while your device is connected to a power source. You can configure whether the latter option is available by going to Siri’s settings page, which you’ll find under the “General” section.

Siri commands

Sometimes, we can get into trouble with finding the right words to ask Siri for a favor. Maybe you’re also interested in seeing what Siri can do. To get an overview of her best commands, invoke Siri by long-pressing the Home Button and letting go as soon as Siri’s interface pops up. Now tap the question mark icon at the lower right of the screen, which will take you to an organized and handy overview. Tap any one of the sections to see what Siri is capable of.

How to activate toggles with Siri

In the “Settings” section, we can find commands that are related to toggling or modifying hardware and software features of your iPhone. This includes brightness, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode and Do Not Disturb. Pretty cool, right? Try using one of the examples to have Siri toggle a feature for you.

Hint: Note that using Siri requires an internet connection. She can only switch your iPhone into Airplane mode, but not disable Airplane mode for you, as you will be disconnected from the internet in the process of doing so. This applies to Wi-Fi as well, when/if your cellular data toggle is disabled.

I had her enable my Bluetooth radio by saying “Siri, turn on Bluetooth for me”: