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Force Siri to Listen

Siri can be activated either by saying the command “Hey Siri” (only on later iPhones possible) or by pressing and holding the Home Button. Certainly there is another way to activate Siri. This one has the benefit that Siri listens without interrupting you – so you can force Siri to listen!

Force Siri to listen

Take the following steps to force Siri to listen:

iPhone 6s and later

With the iPhone 6s Siri got faster than on earlier iPhone models. Press and hold the Home Button to activate Siri and start talking instantly. So you don’t even have to wait until the Siri animation is displayed. Just press the Home Button and off you go! There is no longer a signal sound on the iPhone 6s that confirms that Siri is listening.

Let go of the Home Button to finish the voice command. Siri will now analyze, what you have said and respond with a (hopefully) satisfying answer.

iPhone 6 or earlier

All iPhone models that has been released before the iPhone 6s – so iPhone 6 and earlier – need a second longer to function. Press and hold the Home Button to activate Siri and wait a moment until you see the Siri animation. Then start talking.

Let go of the Home Button as soon as you are done.

Activate Siri – The normal way

To open Siri the normal way, press and hold the Home Button for around one second.  Siri’s user interface will open and you can start talking.

Tell her the command, e.g. that she has to write a message to somebody. Siri will automatically finish the voice input as soon as she recognizes that you are done. There can be like two seconds between the actual finish of the command and Siri ending the voice input mode. This way Siri gives some time to let you think and add things if you need it.