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How To Show Holiday Events In Photos App

Apple entirely improved the Photos app for iOS 10 and added an own section for “Memories“. There you can either watch automatically created videos or create your own Memories videos. A kind of hidden feature enables you to include national holidays as a topic of your “Memories” category.


The only prerequisite for this trick is the usage of iOS 10 or later. As mentioned above, the new Memories feature has been added to iOS 10 for the first time.

Show holiday events in Photos app

Open the Settings on your iPhone and scroll down to Photos & Camera. There you will find the section Memories when you scroll down again. Activate “Show Holiday Events” by tapping the button so that it switches to green.

Now open the Photos app and go to the Memories section (right bottom corner).

If you have taken pictures or videos on Thanksgiving, Christmas, or 4th of July etc., these will be summarized in a Memories video in this section. iOS also accesses the location or home country, so that it only shows the important holidays for you. This trick also allows you a quick access to pictures and videos that has been taken on national holidays.