Hide Your iPhone Number For Calls

Hide your iPhone number and make anonymous callsWhen you call someone from your iPhone automatically sends your phone number. So your contact knows right away the name of the caller in case the person saved your phone number as a contact. This can be practical, but maybe you want to hide your phone number once in a while. On your iPhone you have two ways to call somebody anonymously. You can either hide your iPhone number for all outgoing phone calls or only for specific calls.

Hide phone number for all calls on iPhone

Settings → Phone → Show My Caller ID [deactivate]

One of the methods could be to hide your phone number on iPhone generally, this means for every single call you make from your iPhone.
If you want to do this, go to your “Settings”. Scroll down to “Phone” and click it. On this screen you see under “Calls” the option “Show My Caller ID”. Click it and then deactivate this feature by tapping the green button.

Screenshots show how to change settings to always hide your iPhone number

Please note, that your phone number is hidden for everyone from now on. It does not matter, if you have the contact saved to your iPhone or not.

Hide iPhone number only for one call

Phone → Keypad → #31# + number [enter]

The second method is for individual calls. You can withhold your phone number by utilizing a GSM code, which you enter in addition to the normal phone number.

  • #31# (works on any GSM phones including the iPhone, international)
  • *67 (works in the USA and Canada)
  • 141 (works in the UK and Ireland)

Open the “Phone” app and choose the Keypad in the bottom bar. Before you enter the phone number, you type the code #31# and then the phone number. Once you have entered everything, you can hit the call button as usual and your call will be anonymous. All other calls you make without the #31# pre-code will still send your iPhone number.

GSM code before the phone number to hide your iPhone number for this call

If you want to block unknown callers, check out our guide on how to block unknown numbers from calling.

Tip: You could also save the short code #31# with certain contacts by changing the contact’s number.

It also works the other way around. If you have deactivated to show your caller ID (as described above), you can show it for one call. Then you have to use the GSM code *31# though.