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How To Save Instagram Live Videos

The Instagram Live Videos are a great new feature of the image app. Since the Instagram update to version 10.0 you can take videos, which can be up to 60min long. This way you can give your followers a great insight of your daily life. The videos however can only be watched as Instagram Live Stories. Hence, they cannot be saved in the app, but you can avoid this barrier with the following trick.

Save Instagram Live Stories

If you want to save your Instagram Live Story, you will need your iPhone, an USB chord and a Mac. Open the Quicktime Player on your Mac and choose “Start New Video” under the menu item “Clipboard“. The Mac will now turn on the webcam. In order to save the Instagram Live Story, you will have to set up the iPhone as image and audio source. You can change the input source next to the recording button.

Now open Instagram on your iPhone and choose “Live“ at the bottom of the screen. Click the recording button in the Quicktime Player and start your Instagram Live Video. Once you have finished recording, save the video on your Mac.

The only inconvenience is that you cannot avoid the barrier when you are outside, because you always need the Mac for saving the video. It is handy especially for blogger and YouTuber, who take their videos at home and share videos on many platforms.

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