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How to Download YouTube Videos to iPhone

How to download YouTube videos on iPhone using the best video downloader app in the App Store: This guide will teach you how to acquire YouTube videos and save them to your iPhone for free. When saved, you can watch them offline without the need for an internet connection. This is especially useful when traveling, as offline video viewing helps conserve battery power.

We’ve tried a bunch of iPhone YouTube video downloaders, not all of them are great. We can, however, confidently recommend one app to our readers: iDownloader Pro by Duong Thai works great and allows you to download any video and play it any time you wish. You may also use the app as your regular video player with adjustable video quality. Another advantage to downloading YouTube videos and watching YouTube offline: Videos even play the audio part of the video while the iPhone is locked, allowing you to listen to your favorite music and podcast/talk shows, all while the screen is off.

App Store > iDownloader Pro

Get the app for free at the iTunes App Store. Within the app, you can browse and simply tap a video to play it. Choose “Download” from the menu to save a video to your device. Saved Videos will show up in your “Files” tab and can be played directly on the device or even streamed via AirPlay.

You can manage files from within the app and place your videos in folders for proper organization. Another neat feature: You can passcode-protect certain private videos to protect your privacy.

How to download YouTube and web videos using iDownloader

Browser > Save > Files

Open up the iDownloader Pro app, then head to the “Browser” tab.

Input any search term for a YouTube video, then tap the result to play it. As soon as the playback screen pops up, iDownloader will prompt you to save the video. Confirm to save the video, which will appear in your “Files” tab and can be played from there.

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