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How To Display Weather Forecast In Maps App

If you want to know, how the weather will be at a certain place, you can either check the weather app or you can search for the place in the Maps app. As of late, you can get the weather forecast according to places in the Maps app.


If you want to use this trick, you will need to update your iPhone to iOS 10.3 or later. You can check Settings > General > Software Updates if there are available iOS updates.

In addition, you need a 3D Touch capable iPhone, which means iPhone 6s or later.

Display weather forecast in Maps app

Open your Maps app on your iPhone and enter any place in the input field at the bottom of the screen. The alternative way would be to choose a place from the map.

The weather information at the bottom right will be updated according to the place shown on the map. Current weather conditions, as well as local temperatures, are displayed. If there is no weather information, you can try zooming in and out on the map.

If you tap the weather info icon, nothing will happen.

If you press it slightly (3D Touch – Peek), it will display the weather forecast for the current place on the map.

If you press it firmly (3D Touch – Pop), iOS will open the Weather app for you to show the current place with the detailed weather forecast.

This trick allows you to get a quick overview of the weather and temperatures for a place and also gives you a shortcut to the detailed weather forecast.