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How to hide ‘last active’ on Facebook (Messenger)

Privacy is a huge topic these days and will only become more important. Thus we decided to show you the most important Facebook Messenger privacy trick when it comes to your iPhone.

Did you know that Facebook is tracking your every activity and shows your friends when you were “last active” on Facebook Messenger? Not only that, but by default, Facebook Messenger will show all of your contacts when you are online using the app. Unfortunately, that feature happens to be a little inaccurate at times. Thus your contacts might be getting the impression you are out and about and/or online, while you are not.

There are tons of disadvantages to this kind of privacy issue, some of them can be lessened by taking action. In order to learn how to hide your online state (a.k.a. “invisible” mode) and keep your “last active” time from appearing to your contact list, read the following guide.

Hint: Feel like you missed a few Facebook messages? Could be because Facebook filtered these as spam? We explain, how to find hidden Facebook messanges.

How to improve your Facebook Messenger privacy instantly

This trick is rather counter-intuitive, but it works.

Open up the Facebook Messenger App, go to the “People” tab and tap “Active” at the very top. Now you’ll see a list of all of your active Facebook friends. Disable the toggle button next to your name.

You won’t be able to see who is online right now, but no one will be able to see whether you are online. If you tap a contact in the messenger list, however, you can see whether they are online right now. And their “last active” timestamp. Your “last active” time should not show up in anyone’s list anymore.

Sadly this trick does not work right now, but we will notify you once there is a new way to hide your activities.

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